Seal gaps around window AC units

Why? Over time moisture can damage your window air conditioner seal, allowing cool air to escape. Keeping the seal tight reduces your cooling costs.
Step by step:
  1. Inspect. At the beginning of the cooling season, examine the seal between the air conditioner and window frame. The air conditioning unit's metal case should come into tight contact with the seal.
  2. Re-seal as necessary.
    • Top of the unit: Use caulking or air conditioner foam seal to seal the edges between the window air conditioner and the window. 
    • Sash: The accordion-style flaps attached to the sides of your unit need to be flush against the window edge. If the sash looks worn, you can buy one at a local hardware store to replace it. 
    • Outside: Caulk the outside of the unit to seal it properly and to avoid leaving unsightly caulk pieces behind when you remove the unit for the winter.
  3. Remove. At the end of the cooling season, remove the air conditioner from the window. Close the window tightly to minimize air leakage or infiltration during the colder months.

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