Install storm windows

Why? Since heating and cooling can account for about 50% of average energy consumption, air loss should be minimized where possible. Using storm windows is a good alternative to replacing windows, as they will produce similar energy savings at a much lower initial cost. 
What to look for:
  • Interior storm windows have many advantages. They tend to be easier to install and remove, can last longer, and can be more effective in providing a tight seal. Exterior storm windows tend to be more expensive—so much so that you might consider replacing your windows instead. If you choose exterior storm windows, be certain they have weep holes to allow moisture to escape.
  • The right pane. Glass is more transparent and longer-lasting than plastic, but it is also more expensive.
  • The right frame. Wood, aluminum, and vinyl frames are available. Aluminum provides the poorest insulation, but also lasts the longest.

Things to think about: To get the most out of your storm windows, be sure they are installed properly. They should be hung square to the window and sealed tightly.

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