Advanced Power Strips reduce power and save money!

Why? Many electronic products continue to draw power from the wall even when they are powered off. Since it's not always practical to unplug these items, advanced power strips can effectively do so for you. Look for converient features such as timers, occupancy, or current sensing.
Consider using advanced power strips to reduce the power consumed by task lighting, computer accessories, fans, space heaters, and other miscellaneous plug loads. 
There are three types of advanced power strips:
  • Timer-equipped power strips have outlets that are controlled by programmable timers. Devices plugged into them can be scheduled to automatically turn off or on at designated times of day or night.
  • Occupancy sensing power strips have outlets that are controlled by a motion detector. Devices plugged into them can automatically turn off or on in response to your physical presence, or after a user-defined period of time elapses (e.g., anywhere from 30 seconds to 60 minutes).
  • Current sensing power strips can automatically turn several outlets off or on when they detect that a monitor (plugged into the "master outlet") either enters a low powered sleep mode, is turned off, or is turned on. Used in combination with monitor power management features, these power strips can turn just about any electric device off and on automatically.


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