Use solar outdoor lights

Why? For safety, it's important to keep doors and walkways well lit, and a brightened outdoor space may add aesthetic value to your home. Outdoor lights that stay on all night, however, use more electricity than most other lighting fixtures. Solar lights can significantly reduce outdoor lighting costs without compromising safety or style.
How it works: Solar lights use a connected panel to collect sunlight during the day. At night, a photocell (light sensor) turns the lights on, drawing from the stored solar power.

Good to know: Conventional lights are often brighter than their solar counterparts. If brightness is a concern, consider using a combination of conventional and solar lights in your yard.

What to look for: The most common solar lights are decorative garden lamps on stakes that drive into the ground. However, solar floodlights, post lamps and wall-mounted models are also available.

Where to find them: Hardware stores and general retailers carry small solar lights. Some specialty lighting stores carry larger solar lamps or you can purchase them online.

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Save up to $85 per light per year