Unplug your second refrigerator when not in use

Why? Refrigerators and freezers manufactured before 1993 can cost up to $150 in electricity each year to run. Recycle your extra refrigerator or freezer for instant energy savings. Alternatively, if you only need the extra space around the holidays or you're a renter and can't recycle the landlord's refrigerator, simply unplug it when you don't need it.
For large families:
  • Rearrange the shelves in your main refrigerator/freezer to maximize space and reduce your need for a second appliance.
  • If you only need the extra refrigerator or freezer space seasonally, unplug the appliance during the times of year it is left empty.
  • If you need it, buy an efficient second refrigerator or freezer.
  • Buy a larger, efficient main refrigerator/freezer and recycle the old unit(s).

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Save up to $150 per year