Upgrade to ductless air conditioning

Why? A ductless mini-split air conditioner is an efficient way to cool your home. These systems can cool several rooms at different preferred temperatures without the hassle and cost of having a duct system installed. Replacing your air conditioning system with an ENERGY STAR® certified ductless system could cut your cooling costs by 30%. 
Good to know: For tips on how to choose a contractor, visit www.energystar.gov.  Look for someone with experience installing ductless units–inexperienced contractors can overestimate how hard they are to install.

Added benefits:

  • Since the condenser unit is outside, ductless air conditioners are much quieter than window units.
  • Since ductless units don't rely on ducts, which tend to be leaky, much less energy is lost distributing cool air to the rooms.
  • Ductless units have a small footprint and installation takes only a day or two.
  • Ductless units provide additional security compared to window units by allowing you to fully lock your windows.
  • Ductless units are much less expensive to install than central air conditioning, since you don't have to install a duct system in your ceilings and walls.
  • Ductless units provide zoning so you can cool just the rooms being occupied. In contrast, most central air conditioning systems cool the entire home even when not all rooms are occupied.

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