Smart Meter Customers – PTS: The Power of Peak Time Savings

Earn a credit on your electric bill when you participate voluntarily on days with Peak Time Savings Hours.

How it works:

ComEd residential customers who have a smart meter are eligible to enroll in ComEd's Peak Time Savings, a program that pays you back for using less electricity when it is most in demand. There is no cost to enroll and no penalty if you enroll and do not participate. You just won't earn a credit on your electric bill for that day and you can still participate in future Peak Time Savings Hours. Peak Time Savings Hours will typically occur for a few hours between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. during the summer – when most air conditioners are on, stores are open and factories are running. Reduce your use and save!

Get started:

  1. Enrollment is now open to participate in the 2016 summer season. You can remain in the program as long as you like. Visit or call 844-852-0347.
  2. ComEd will notify you on the day when Peak Time Savings Hours will occur. Choose your preferred method of notification when you enroll – phone call, text message or email. We'll notify you that morning as early as 9 a.m. or at least 30 minutes prior to the start.
  3. During Peak Time Savings Hours, use less electricity and earn a credit on your electric bill. The amount you earn will be based on your current electricity usage.
  4. When you participate, ComEd will credit your monthly bill for reducing your electricity use during Peak Time Savings Hours. A credit will appear as actual dollars off the total amount due on your next electric bill or the following bill. And you'll help reduce the need for fossil-fuel power plants which helps the environment.

Visit or call 844-852-0347.

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