Hourly Pricing: ComEd's Hourly Pricing Rate Option

ComEd currently offers residential customers another rate option to fixed-price rates. ComEd's Hourly Pricing Program gives you the power to take more control over your electricity usage and costs. This program gives you the power to save with a rate that's based on hourly, market electricity prices.

How it works:

Customers who select Hourly Pricing pay the hourly, market price of electricity. That means you can manage your costs by shifting some of your electricity use to off-peak times when the price is lower, such as nights and weekends.

Ways to help you save:

With Hourly Pricing, you'll get access to tools that make it easy to keep track of prices and monitor your electricity use. You'll get real-time, day-of alerts and day-ahead price alerts that will let you know when prices are expected to be high. You also get access to online tools to help you understand and manage your electricity use as well as access to a team of specialists that are available to answer questions and help you get the best possible value from hourly electricity pricing.

Get started:

  1. Check your bill – the program could be a good choice for you if you live in a single-family home and regularly use more than 500 kilowatt hours (kWh), or you live in an apartment or condo and regularly use more than 350 kWh each month.
  2. Call 888-202-7787 to find out if Hourly Pricing is right for you. Wait times are short to speak with an experienced specialist. For additional information, including the program guide and answers to frequently asked questions, visit ComEd.com/HourlyPricing.
  3. Enroll online or by phone. Once you enroll it typically takes between one and three billing cycles before you become active on the hourly rate.
  4. Shift your usage and save! Shift some of your usage to off-peak hours when the price of electricity is lower. The program offers a variety of tools to help you keep track of prices and manage your usage and costs.

Call 888-202-7787 or go to ComEd.com/HourlyPricing to learn more.

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