Smart Thermostat Rebates

Why? The innovative IFTTT app can automatically dial up the temperature setting on your smart thermostat during Peak Time Savings Hours and help you earn a larger bill credit.
How it works:
  • IFTTT is short for "If This, Then That"
  • IF Peak Time Savings Hours is in progress THEN adjust smart thermostat.
  • When ComEd alerts you Peak Time Savings Hours will occur, your IFTTT applet sets your smart thermostat at a higher temperature. Once Peak Time Savings Hours is over, the applet turns your smart thermostat back to its original schedule.
  • Learn more here!

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Smart managing your home's heating and cooling costs with an ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostat. Connected to your WIFI, a smart thermostat lets you monitor and control your home's temperature from any web-enabled device so you can save energy and money whether you're at home or on the go.