Unplug your second refrigerator or freezer during Peak Time Savings Hours

Why? If you can avoid opening your fridge or freezer during Peak Time Savings Hours, unplug them! The food will stay cold or frozen for about 3 hours - the typical duration of a Peak Time Savings Hours announcement. Then plug them back in when Peak Time Savings Hours are over.
Step by step:
  1. If possible, empty and transfer contents of your second fridge, mini fridge, or freezer to your main kitchen refrigerator so you can unplug those second appliances indefinitely and save all year long!

  2. If you can't empty out your second fridge or freezer, consider filling them with items from your kitchen fridge before unplugging them during Peak Time Savings Hours. A full fridge or freezer will maintain their cold temperatures longer than partially filled ones.

  3. To help maintain internal coldness, don't open the door of your unplugged fridge or freezer during Peak Time Savings Hours.

  4. Plug your fridge or freezer back in after Peak Time Savings Hours is over.  Be sure to immediately check perishable items for correct temperature or thawing, and discard items that are suspect.

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